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Posición de los trocares para cirugía laparoscópica y robótica de riñón y pélvica de acuerdo a la anatomía

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  • Management of Renal Masses and Localized Renal Cancer: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

    Several options exist for management of clinically localized renal masses suspicious for cancer, including active surveillance, thermal ablation and radical or partial nephrectomy. We summarize evidence on effectiveness and comparative effectiveness of these treatment approaches for patients with a renal mass suspicious for localized renal cell carcinoma....

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The LARCG (Latin American Renal Cancer Group) is a group of scientific and educational, multicentric, multidisciplinary and independent. It is not for profit, and the term of operation is indeterminate. It consists of Urologists, Pathologists and Oncologists, as well as professionals and researchers related to the field of health, belonging to Hospitals in Latin America, Spain and the United States.

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Mounting evidence for the obesity paradox in #kidneycancer. Obesity is a risk factor for RCC but in metastatic disease obesity is associated with better outcomes with TKIs and IO. Thanks to graphic artist and editor at @NatRevNeph! Awesome job @ChunLGan!

I am so proud of our #IMDC fellows. Thanks for all your hard work, stats, perfecting slides, and for informing practice. #GU20 @asco #SFO #oncoalert @UCalgaryMed @KidneyCancer_Ca @DanaFarber

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