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The Impact of Bone Metastasis Location in the Clinical Outcome of Patients with Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma (mRCC): An Analysis from the Latin American Renal Cancer Group (LARCG)

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Posición de los trocares para cirugía laparoscópica y robótica de riñón y pélvica de acuerdo a la anatomía

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The LARCG (Latin American Renal Cancer Group) is a group of scientific and educational, multicentric, multidisciplinary and independent. It is not for profit, and the term of operation is indeterminate. It consists of Urologists, Pathologists and Oncologists, as well as professionals and researchers related to the field of health, belonging to Hospitals in Latin America, Spain and the United States.

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@kaelin_lab @DanaFarberNews gives highlight keynote address #IKCS2020. His seminal @NobelPrize winning work elucidating biology & mechanisms of VHL-loss & HIF2a oncogenic activity drives VEGFR & HIF2a inhibitor development, fundamental treatment for #kidneycancer today.


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@DrChoueiri presents Cabo/Nivo vs Sutent @myESMO #ESMO2020 @OncoAlert @tompowles1 @montypal @neerajaiims @OncoAlert am watching via @TiansterZhang chat! Exciting data of another VEGF TKI & IO combo! What is your preferred 1L combo in RCC? Cabo/Nivo or Pembro/Axi or Ipi/Nivo?

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