Renal cell cancer treatment: an expert panel recommendation from the Latin American cooperative group-genitourinary and the Latin American renal cancer group: focus on surgery

Stênio de Cássio Zequi, Walter Henriques da Costa , Fernando Korkes, Rodolfo Borges dos Reis, Wilson Francisco Schreiner Busato, Wagner Eduardo Matheus, Deusdedit Cortez Vieira da Silva Neto, Felipe de Almeida e Paula, Gustavo Franco Carvalhal, Lucas Nogueira, Roni de Carvalho Fernandes, Adriano Gonçalves e Silva, André Deeke Sasse, André P. Fay, Denis Leonardo Jardim, Diogo Assed Bastos, Diogo Augusto Rodrigues da Rosa, Evanius Wierman, Fabio Kater, Fabio A. Schutz, Fernando Cotait Maluf, Fernando Nunes Galvão de Oliveira, Igor Alexandre Protzner Morbeck, José Augusto Rinck, Karine Martins da Trindade, Manuel Caitano Maia, Vinicius Carrera Souza, Fernando Sabino Marques Monteiro and Andrey Soares.



Renal cell cancer (RCC) is one of the 10 most common cancers in the world, and its incidence is increasing, whereas mortality is declining only in developed countries. Therefore, two collaborative groups, The Latin American Oncology Cooperative GroupGenitourinary Section (LACOG-GU) and the Latin American Renal Cancer Group (LARCG), held a consensus meeting to develop this guideline.


Issues (134) related to the treatment of RCC were previously formulated by a panel of experts. The voting panel comprised 26 specialists (urologists and medical oncologists) from the LACOG-GU/LARCG. A consensus was reached if 75% agreement was achieved. If there was less concordance, a new discussion was undertaken, and a consensus was determined by the most votes after a second voting session.


The expert meeting provided recommendations that were in line with the global literature; 75.0% of the recommendations made by the panel of experts were evidence-based level A, 22.5% of the recommendations were level B, and 2.5% of the recommendations were level D.


This review suggests recommendations for the surgical treatment of RCC according to the LACOG-GU/LARCG experts.

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